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Northwest Steel Corporation
3415 N. Runge Ave.
Franklin Park, IL 60131

phone: 847-451-7800
toll-free: 800-733-7881
fax: 847-451-0764

The Shearing Specialists
HR, HRP+O Sheets/Plates
Shearing up to 3/8" thick and 16 feet long
Northwest Steel Corporation SERVICE SECOND TO NONE

Northwest Steel stocks domestically produced Hot Rolled and Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled coils in commercial quality, A36, and HSLA grades.

Leveled coils can be shipped as sheets or further processed into strips or resquared blanks.

Gauges range from 16GA through 3/8".

Northwest Steel uses a Delta Brands corrective leveler capable of leveling coils up to thick and 74 wide.

Northwest Steel Corporation Northwest Steel has eight Cincinatti Shears:
  • 1 -- 3/16" X 192"
  • 3 -- 3/8" X 144"
  • 1 -- 1/4" X 120"
  • 1 -- 1/4" X 48"
  • 2 -- 1/4" X 72"

Northwest Steel currently has many stocking programs in place for "Just in Time" deliveries. Your material is just a phone call away. If that is not quick enough, we can offer consigned stock on your warehouse floor! Click here to contact us.

Purchasing cut blanks can save you money by reducing your inventory costs.


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